Powerprox Six Month Braces®

Powerprox Six Month Braces

Get your teeth straightened in less time with clear braces

You don’t want to wear “train track” metal braces but you do want to straighten your crooked teeth. The good news is that Dr. Jake Wehman utilizes a clear solution in his practice. It’s called the Powerprox Six Month Braces® technique.

Powerprox Six Month Braces uses clear, nearly invisible braces that blend right in with your teeth so it is difficult for anyone to even see you are wearing them. In some cases, Powerprox Six Month Braces can even be placed behind your teeth so they are completely invisible.

What is Powerprox Six Month Braces?

It’s a revolutionary way to straighten teeth safely, affordably and comfortably. Powerprox Six Month Braces can quickly move your front teeth to their most aesthetic position, giving you a beautiful smile in the process. It straightens and aligns teeth using proven, time-tested orthodontic techniques and ultramodern dental materials.

Whether your teeth are overlapped, crowded together or have spaces between them, this leading-edge treatment can give you the smile of your dreams in just six months.

How does Powerprox Six Month Braces work?

Powerprox Six Month Braces utilizes clear, nearly invisible braces and space-age nickel titanium wires to move your teeth with low controlled force. You’ll be amazed at how fast your crooked smile starts to straighten out.

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Who is a candidate for treatment?

Most orthodontic treatments take years to work, but Six Month Braces take just a few months. The best candidates for Six Month Braces are those who want their teeth straightened quickly and don't want the look of a mouth full of metal braces. Powerprox are clear and blend right in with your teeth and in some cases can be placed behind your teeth so they aren't visible at all.

The affordable alternative to conventional braces

Six Month Braces is typically less expensive than other teeth-straightening treatments. There are far fewer office visits with Six Month Smiles so the fee is often lower than conventional braces.

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