Metal-Free Dentistry

Dr. Wehman does not use any metal fillings, crowns or bridges in his practice. Instead he uses the most technologically up-to-date ceramic materials for tooth-colored fillings and crowns, bridges, inlays and onlays. These materials expand in a similar way as your natural teeth do and do not cause cracking or unnecessary tooth decay. They also have the same color as your teeth.

Safe removal of amalgam fillings

You can also have your existing metal fillings removed and replaced safely in Dr. Wehman's practice. Dr. Wehman uses the advanced high-speed evacuation “Isolite” system to suction away the toxic vapors that are released when the fillings are removed, so that you do not inhale them. Your metal fillings will be replaced by ceramic, tooth-colored fillings. With Dr. Wehman's use of safe procedures, high-tech equipment and years of experience in metal-free dentistry, you can rest assured to be in safe hands when it comes to the safe removal and replacement of your fillings.

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