Advanced Dental Technology

Dr. Wehman is extemely dedicated to bringing the best possbile technology into his practice. From state-of-the-art, low-radiation x-rays to his digital in-office crown milling laboratory, Dr. Wehman has brought the perfect blend of art, skill and technology to his dental practice.  And the result?  Happy clients with beautiful smiles!

Our featured high-technology services include:

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Digital X-Rays

Dental X-rays at our office are fast, thorough and very low risk. At every phase of treatment in which x-rays are needed, we use the latest in digital technology to give you rapid, accurate diagnostic results with much less radiation than conventional x-rays.

Our patients agree that digital x-rays are an excellent technological advance.  Here's why:

  • Because they are computerized, the digital x-rays utilize sensors rather than film. Sensors require much less radiaiton to yield an image. This means that our patients experience only a very low level of radiation when they are x-rayed.

  •  Because the digital system uses a small sensor, the process of taking X-rays is easier, more efficient and far more comfortable, even for gaggers and children.

  • Because the x-rays appear immediately on the computer monitor as soon as they are taken, you will experience less chair time and more rapid treatment.  The Doctor can immediately see what is going on in your mouth, and begin treatment right away.

  • Because of the enlarged and enhanced view of the X-ray images, you will, for the first time, actually be able to see the condition of your own mouth.  You will be able to easily visualize and understand the diagnosis and proposed treatment plan so that you can better participate in your own dental health.

CEREC One-Visit Dentistry

Why make multiple visits to the dentist? With CEREC, you won't have to.  With the Cerec system, we can scan your teeth and prepare your crown, veneer or filling for permanent placement -- all in a single visit.

Introducing the CEREC System—advanced dentistry that fits your lifestyle

With the CEREC System, instead of using traditionally inconvenient and messy impression materials, Dr. Wehman can obtain clean, fast digital impressions in a few minutes using a laser scanner in the mouth.

Then, while you watch, we custom-design a crown, veneer, or filling perfectly suited for you based on your condition, using the chairside computer-based design center. From there, the information about the restoration is transferred to the in-office milling unit, where your crown, veneer, or filling is made. Shortly thereafter, it’s permanently placed in your mouth.

Benefits of same day dentistry

With modern, state-of-the-art technology, patients don’t need to suffer through traditional impressions. They don’t need temporaries. And they don’t need to wait days—or more likely weeks—for their permanent restorations. That also means that they won’t have to be inconvenienced with the back-and-forth typically associated with crowns, veneers, and some types of fillings.

Rather, when same day dentistry is right for them, patients can be in and out of the dental office with their permanent, natural-looking and metal-free restorations in a single visit. Same day restorations are perfect for situations like chipped, worn or cracked teeth; teeth that are discolored or have gaps and spaces between them; teeth that have decay and/or old, worn fillings.

Your new tooth is milled out of a small block of ceramic using a diamond-cutter. This process takes 4 to 6 minutes depending on the size of the replacement tooth. Dr. Wehman then bonds the new ceramic replacement into place.

Onlay before Onlay after
Before placing a ceramic onlay After placing a ceramic onlay

 Advantages of CEREC ceramic tooth reconstruction

A CEREC tooth restoration isn't just convenient, it is also healthy. Many years ago, dentists had few options to repair decayed and damaged teeth other than amalgam, gold, and other metals. With Cerec, your dentist can use strong, tooth colored ceramic materials to restore your teeth to their natural strength, beauty, and function.

These ceramic materials have many advantages over metal fillings. Not only do they look like your natural teeth, they also operate like your natural tooth material. For example, when you eat hot or cold foots, your teeth naturally expand and contract. Cerec tooth restorations are designed to expand and contract at almost equal rates, so your tooth doesn't crack or overcrowd your mouth.

Invisalign clear braces

Invisalign treatment consists of a series of invisible medical-grade polymer (plastic) aligners that you switch out about every two weeks. As a certified Invisalign provider, Dr. Wehman is very experienced.  He plans your treatment carefully so that your teeth are gradually adjusted until your smile is exactly the way you want it.

Invisalign clear braces are practically invisible so most people won't even notice that you are wearing them. They are easy to remove, so eating, brushing and flossing are no problem. You can still enjoy your meals and smile without holding back. With Invisalign clear braces, there's nothing to hide.

Playsafe Sports Mouthguards

If you like to play contact sports, you should let Dr. Wehman help you protect your teeth with a custom-fitted mouthguard from Playsafe. Dr. Wehman will provide you with a mouthguard that is based on a custom mold of your teeth for a perfect fit, and made to the exact size and degree of protection that you require. 

According to the National Youth Sports Foundation, more than 5 million teeth will be knocked out in sporting activities this year. With a Playsafe custom mouth guard, you can be sure that your child's teeth will be protected, whatever sport he or she plays.

If you have an active child who likes to play sports such as soccer, baseball, softball, skateboarding, martial arts, hockey, etc., a Playsafe mouthguard from Dr. Wehman is an excellent preventative investment.  According to Dr. Ray Padilla, an active member in the Academy for Sports Dentistry, the lifetime dental rehabilitation costs can approach several thousand dollars per tooth, for the child or athlete who loses a tooth (or teeth) in a sporting injury. The total rehabilitation costs for a single knocked-out tooth are more than 20 times the preventative cost of a custom-fitted mouthguard.

Advanced Sleepguards

Snoring can be an annoying problem, but it can also be a "red flag" of respiratory obstruction difficulties that are causing sleep apnea (frequent cessation of breathing during sleep). If you or a loved one have difficulty with snoring, or frequently rouse at night, gasping for breath, Dr. Wehman can help.  A simple, comfortable sleepguard device will ensure that your jaw and tongue stay in an open, relaxed position during sleep.  No more snoring, or gasping for air!

Rotary Root Canals

Rotary Endodontics, or root canal, is a method in which Dr. Wehman uses an electric handpiece to perform the procedure. The electric handpiece allows the Dr. Wehman to clean and shape the canals much faster than using hand files. Because it’s electric, there is no drill noise. This makes the whole treatment experience much more pleasant.

Picasso Lite Soft-Tissue Laser

Dr. Wehman uses the latest laser technology, a Picasso Lite Diode Laser, to ensure that soft-tissue procedures are fast and pain-free. From cosmetic procedures to reduce gum tissue to controlling bleeding so that we can get better impressions for bridges and crowns, this new tool helps Dr. Wehman provide you with care that is painfree and less likely to require anesthetic.  With this laser, we can

  • Treat cold sores with no anesthesia.  The laser treatment cuts healing time by 50%, and prevents cold sores from recurring in the treated spot;
  • Remove soft tissue between the two front teeth that may be causing a gap or space between the teeth, in just a few minutes and with little need for anesthesia; 
  • Provide a fast and painfree treatment for "venous lakes" or purple discolorations on the lips;
  • Repair a "gummy smile," giving you a smile without puffy, overgrown gum tissue; and
  • Use it to control bleeding and retract gum tissue so that the impressions that we take for your crown or bridge are more precise, and require less time and discomfort for you.

Arestin Periodontal Treatment

The cause of gum disease is primarily the presence of bacteria. Therefore, we offer non-surgical treatment to remove the bacteria in cases of mild to intermediate gum disease. This is done by means of Scaling and Root Planing (or "Deep Cleaning"). We take care to keep this procedure painless, while still remaining thorough.

Because one cannot see inside the deep pockets, Deep Cleaning is done by feel and while it eliminates a large portion of the bacteria and "barnacles" attached to the root, it is not possible to locate all of them. Therefore, in addition to Deep Cleaning we use Arestin® therapy to help rid your gums of infectious bacteria. Arestin therapy is accomplished by placing a special antibiotic in the deep pockets under the gum where bacteria accumulates. Arestin therapy greatly reduces the chances of further progression of the gum disease.

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